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Why Not Challenge, Week 1

All things considered, this coming week is a pitiful week to start a new challenge. I leave tomorrow afternoon, kids in tow, for West Liberty, where I\’ll be staying with my parents all week. From 8 to 5 every day, I will be attending the Advanced Placement Summer Institute at Morehead State University. Being away from home and busy during the day probably is not the best atmosphere for beginning my Why Not challenge. But, I vowed to do it, and it would be really sad to quit before I even start.

My first challenge is a little lame, but worthwhile nonetheless. This week, I challenge myself to write in response to a prompt every day, and then craft that writing into something blog-worthy. I plan to use the prompt generator at Writing Fix. However, if one of my readers has a suggestion for a prompt or a source for inspiration, I\’ll try my best!!!

So, in summary…expect one blog post daily (may have trouble posting from West Liberty, but I can defintely post from MSU) that is a somewhat processed piece of writing.


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