• Elly Gilbert


Sunflower Sisters (Lilac Girls, #3)

Three very different narrators telling three very compelling stories gave this book a unique flair. I enjoyed watching the three women\’s lives intersect and each of them changed by the others. Jemma is a bright and compassionate slave owned by self-centered, cruel Anne-May. Reading about the hurts Jemma and her family endured at the hands of Anne-May and her overseer was difficult for me. I rooted for Jemma throughout the story and was so pleased with the way her story ended. For me though, the most compelling character was independent, brilliant Georgy. She was someone I would want to be friends with in real life. It pleased me to read the author\’s notes and realize that Georgy was a real person!

Overall, I enjoyed the mix of history, romance, adventure, and social justice. The first half of the book was extremely slow, however, which leads me to give Sunflower Sisters four out of five stars.

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