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  • Elly Gilbert

The world\’s worst blogger catches up on her Thankful Things, at long last!

I am the world\’s worst blogger. I stink at this- and pretty much anything other than my job (though sometimes that, too) that requires me to do anything with a degree of continuity. I have been thankful for stuff every day since Nov. 1, but I stopped posting on Nov. 2. It shouldn\’t really surprise my faithful readers, as my blogging tends to be spotty at best. Nonetheless, I\’m back in the Thankful Things saddle.

A quick recap: I am thankful for…. 11/3- Lasting friendships 11/4- A bonus hour of sleep 11/5- A gospel centered church home 11/6- A job I LOVE 11/7-Yarn! 11/8-Fun with my students. 11/9- Fridays and yoga pants (I know, that\’s shallow…but don\’t judge. You love them, too.) 11/10-A great nurse practitioner who takes care of my family 11/11-Freedom 11/12-My daddy 11/13-My sister-in-law setting me up with her brother on a blind date 14 years ago 11/14-Date night with Sam (McDonald\’s and hot chocolate with a good looking brown eyed boy!)

Which brings me to today… 11/15-I\’m thankful for grace. I am not perfect. I can\’t be, no matter how hard I try! I could fill up post after post with my shortcomings, and those of you who know and love me anyway could comment at length about even more of them! I come up short day in and day out. That makes the mercy and grace of God even sweeter. That He could love a sinner like me boggles my little human brain! And yet, He does love me, and He does provide atonement for my multitude of flaws.

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