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Gibbly\’s World

My new nickname is Mrs. Gibbly. That\’s what my dear student M. calls me now. Isn\’t that awful? Oh, well. I guess it\’s a term of endearment. Here\’s what\’s shaking in my world…

  1. Audrey puked on the way out the door this morning. I thought she was faking. John accused her of gagging herself. Turns out, she has strep. We\’re parents of the year.

  2. Spring break is coming soon. But not soon enough! We have to slog through the next four days before we are rewarded with the freedom of break.

  3. My plans for my first day of Spring Break—a colonoscopy. Beat that.

  4. I\’ve embarked on a research project of my mother\’s family, the DeHarts. So far, I have learned some interesting things. We have Baptist ministers and moonshiners in the lineage. Woohoo! Details to come!

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