• Elly Gilbert

Five adjectives for 2013

I failed to be a diligent blogger throughout the Christmas season. No  big surprise there! Anyway, Christmas was lovely. We had a delightful break, but now we are back to reality.

I suppose it is only fitting that I post my 2013 aspirations. They aren\’t much changed from 2012, though I am phrasing some differently in hopes that I will have a different outlook on them. I\’ve chosen five adjectives that I hope to be able to use to describe myself at the end of the year.  These five words are going to guide the decisions I make this year.

1. HEALTHY- physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially, and socially. 2. KIND- to others and to myself. 3. STRONG- in my faith, in my body, and in my confidence. 4. BOLD- in my relationships, with my faith, and through my creative pursuits. 5. CONTENT- in all things.

What are your words for 2013?

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