• Elly Gilbert

Answer Key

Here are the answers from the truth/lies exercise…

1. Believe it or not, true. Granted, it didn\’t take much to top the heap at MCHS. I did have a perfect 4.0…that was in the days before weighted gpa\’s. 2. Oh, yeah! I wanted to be James Carville. 3. False! I LOVE all of them, even hot dogs. Mmm….hot dogs. 4. Again, false. It might be my LEAST favorite book ever, and my project relied heavily on stick figures in a comic book I had to make. 5. Sad but true. 6. True, and I don\’t care what you think about it!!!! 7. Nope, green. 8. K-Mart, yes. Wal-Mart, not unless I am desperate. I feel panicked in there. 9. Definitely true 10. I believe M&Ms are a complete waste of calories. I will eat peanut ones or peanut butter ones, but the plain ones are so unsatisfying.

Now you know.

I can\’t really write tonight. I think I have an infection from a pedicure I got and I am miserable. I am going to pop some ibuprofen and chill on the couch.

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