• Elly Gilbert


I know, I know. It\’s wordless Wednesday. I\’m only supposed to post a picture. This isn\’t an official post. It\’s just….I don\’t know. It\’s something that HAS to be said!

I just checked my blog stats. You can see where readers are coming from, when they are reading, etc…One particularly interesting tool is the big ol\’ map that shows WHERE  your readers are. I have two readers in Nigeria.

Really? I\’m just wondering…is it that Nigerian prince that needs me to handle his finances for him?

Seriously, if you are reading this from somewhere other than the US, I\’d love a comment from you so that I know who and where you are! Heck, if you are reading this within the US, I\’d love a comment, too!!!

Who am I kidding? I LOVE COMMENTS.

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