• Elly Gilbert

40 Day Facebook Fast

I\’m giving up Facebook for Lent. When I really examined the things that preoccupy me, that was at the top of the list. It was a no-brainer for me.

But, it won\’t be easy. I\’ll need to find some new distractions. Facebook is where I turn when there\’s a lull in my day. What on earth will I do with all that quiet time?

Here are some things I hope to fill my day with now that Facebook is off the table: 1. Prayer. I\’m working on a big list of people to pray for…you\’re probably on it!! 2. Devotional and Bible reading. 3. Memorizing scripture. I might tackle the book of Phillipians. 4. Being more attentive to my husband and children. 5. Housework.

What else?? I\’m open to ideas!

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